SILKIE Question; What color am I??

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    Apr 9, 2010
    My boyfriend and I picked this little thing up at our local PGG (hatchery stock from Privett) in Eastern Oregon. She is a silkie pullet of about 22 weeks and since we bought her and her male companion Sasquatch (a white silkie) have not been able to figure out what her color she is.

    As a chick she was a very light grayish looking lavender color, or maybe more a smoky blue, but either way she had a sort of buff tinge to her (most noticeable on her head - in the picture of her as a baby). As she got older she evened out more, looking more like a lavender color. We have cross referenced millions of pictures it seems and we aren’t sure if she could in fact be a lavender, or porcelain. If anything she may be just a poorly colored splash or blue? Her wings have what may be leaks of autosmal red, but some suggested partridge patterning (?) but that seems weird to me. Also, it could just be fret marks, or more poor markings, but she seems to almost have some sort of barring on her breast.

    Being hatchery stock we’re fine with her not being show quality, but figure who better to ask about her color than people who most likely know better than us. Here she is:




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