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I just bought 4 silkie of the 4 has yellow legs and 4 toes....the lady told me it might be a different breed of she pulling my legg....
Sorry Mammabuck but maybe the seller is slightly pulling your legs - It could be a pure silkie but somewhere down the line the parents/grandparents/etc could have him mixed. Does it look like the others?
I vote silkie mix if it looks like a silkie otherwise. Silkies should have black feet and 5 toes. It will still be a good pet!

It might not be the seller's fault- sometimes the 4 toes will be present in a silkie breeding program. I don't know about the leg color though.
I do not think the seller is pulling your leg; it is far more likely that she is uninformed, and has birds that originated from a hatchery (either they or their parents). THere are many breeds with yellow legs, so I would not automatically assume cochin. Look at the wing feathers--are they coming in silkied or not? If not, then you have at best a silkie cross. However, it might well be another breed entirely. Do you have photos?
The pics are not very clear my batteries are almost dead....this is the one she says is a silkie


these are the ones with 5 toes and black feet



these are the breeds she had on site silkies, bantys, silkie x, silkie x polish for sale. I am assuming on got one of the others
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Oh my little girl will be disappointed...she spent her allowance to buy 4 pure bred silkies to raise as show chickens/pets/breeding she is doubting the pedigree of all her chicks.....I contacted the lady and she assured me that they are pure...but she is also selling silkie x and won't exchange for a different chick

Thanks for the help everyone

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