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    Apr 10, 2014
    I have a sweet silkie roo who I've had since he was a chick. He is about 2 1/2 years old. He lives inside because roosters aren't allowed where I live. He gets a lot of monitored outside time with the lady silkies and has free rang of my house. He usually crows a lot but lately he hasn't crowd at all. Not once in the past week. He hasn't been as lively and when I take him outside he just goes back in on his own. He is eating and drinking normal but does a lot of sitting and sleeping. I'm worried about him. I know living indoors isn't ideal for a chicken so I have always gone above and beyond to make his living situation pleasant. And again, I give him as much outside/social time as possible. Is it because he has become unhappy, or could he be sick?

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    You probably need to check him out all over. Make sure that he is eating and drinking, and that his crop has food in it at night, then empties by morning. Look his skin over for lice and mites, especially under his vent, under wings, and around neck. Check to see if he has lost weight in his breast area or has a prominent keel or breast bone. If he is not eating well, give him some chopped egg, tuna, and some plain cultured yogurt along with his normal feed. I would worm him with Valbazen 1/4 ml orally, then repeat that in 10 days. Many farm stores carry it, but not TSC. It is also available online. Does he have any gasping or other respiratory signs of illness? Lastly, I would place him back with the flock for a day or two to see if he perks up. Chickens really need to be with other chickens for companionship. Perhaps bringing a friend in with him would perk him up. Let us know how he gets along.

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