Silkie Shirts - "Got Silkies?" Also Customized orders taken

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    For Sale : "Got Silkies?" T-shirts

    Sizes Unisex S-XXL
    Womens figure shirts are an additional $3.50

    Uni-sex standard shirts:

    White - $12
    Grey - $15

    XXL + $2


    Make a statement! Advertise your farm name!

    Also will take orders for customized shirts with your own farm names under the silkie pair for 1.50$ a shirt or a flat fee depending on # of shirts.

    I can customize shirts anyway you wish, but prices will have to be discussed after we've worked out designs.

    I also can draw other chickens/animals, or Logos for a fee. Contact for details and let me know what you are looking for.

    I only do black and white pictures at this point, I really like the effects of the hand-drawn look which these pictures are done on paper original by hand, and then transferred onto the computer.

    I believe my rates on custom artwork is extremely reasonable, I draw per your wants, and will re-touch or re-do until you are satisfied.

    With a custom image through me rates are flat per draft and variation you want (some people may know exactly what they want, while others may be undecided and have me draw 3 variations of the same artwork) I thoroughly go over each rough pencil draft with you until you are satisfied, then do a final draft which I enhance and clean digitally for the final artwork. Just the artwork I charge more for, because then the image is freely yours to do anything and everything you want to with - so its a 1 time fee...unless you want me to do them for shirts you will order through me. - Then I will charge a small charge per item for the artwork done.

    References of my work are available from breeders and fellow BYC members.

    Shirts come in Uni-sex sizes S-2XL Prices vary upon front/back printing of the shirts and details upon the customizations and artwork you want me to do for you.

    Please contact for details via PM or E-mail.

    Thank you so much!
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  2. how about Cochins? on a sweatshirt????
  3. I'm working on trying my hand at Cochins now. E-mail me so I have your E-mail and when I finish the design I will let you know and see if you like it or not.

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