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Jul 24, 2016
OK so I will probably get silkies by the end of the summer but I'm doing all my research now and I have basically learned everything: the coop plans/measurements what they need, but I don't know how to show them! I read in another thread showmanship is where you have to sell your chicken after and I don't want to sell my chickens. Even if it's not true I would rather do regular showing for now. So the big question: How do you show silkies? Also any tips on taking care of silkies too would be appreciated! Thanks!
I have never heard of having to sell a bird after using it in showmanship, but it may just be my area.
Show Silkies is just like showing any other breed, except there may be more competition due to a lot of people raising silkies.

First off you have to pick your classes, there is everything from egg production to pet classes. In production classes your birds do not necessarily have to be clean or trimmed, I won Grand Champion Production trio this year with birds who had not been washed or trimmed.
If you are going to be showing in variety, class, or breed your birds should be VERY clean and trimmed, your bird being clean for these classes can be the difference between winning and losing.

You should know all the parts of a chicken, or most of them.
It is also nice to know a few different breeds of chickens.

Every show is different though
Thank you so much
I may take a video or showmanship with my cochin hen later since I have to help some people for 4H, so I will post it on YouTube

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