Silkie sleeping face down?


8 Years
May 1, 2011
I just got a gorgeous little 8wo silkie that seems to like sleeping face down. I've only had it a few hours but I keep jumping when I see the bird flat out in the box. When I approach it looks up, if I attemp to pick it up it runs, so over all totally normal behavior. I've just never seen a chicken sleep completely flat on it's face, wings out and all! It looks like a dead bird:lol: Temp in the room is good, and no heat light. None of the other chicks I have do that. So is this normal? Or should I be concerned? Thanks!
We got day old chicks and they did that too and it freaked me out. They are now 5 weeks and perfectly fine
I guess they were just super pooped!
I have a Buff silkie that does the same thing. She will lay flat on the grass while everyone else is pecking around. When she realized everyone's left her she runs to catch up. Then she does the same thing over and over. So amusing to watch.

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