silkie sumatra cross? for asian cutomers


9 Years
Jan 4, 2011
Northwest Florida
has anyone tried a silkie/sumatra cross for black meat? i have searched and googled but found nothing. posted in the breed/genetics discussions but this may be a better place.

i have a lone black sumatra hen and 2 silkies given to me in a group of 22 mixed birds that i need to do something with. my own flock is seperated into groups in different coops- layers and some breeders, roosters have their own pens and a silkie flock. we discussed what we will do with most of the birds but have thought this black skin cross might work. as feathering is not an issue putting the sumatra into the silkie flock might be a good place for her.
Reading this post, my imagination started running...long tailed silkies....They'd look like angora guinea pigs with all that "hair" LOL. Sorry, never thought about it. I know lots of people just raise PQ silkies for their Asian customers, they go ga-ga for them here too. Silkies, muscovies, and any rooster with a large red comb, preferably a red feathered bird. I would guess that your best bet would be to ask them? That's the best way to see what they prefer :)
they want dark meat and bones. im thinking about offspring. im assuming i will get dark meat and bones from the offspring of this hen. and surely they will grow quicker than the silkies
Yes, anytime you have a silkie male cover any other breed, the flesh is black.
What about silkie hens? If they are covered by any other breed of rooster, will the offspring's flesh be black as well? I don't know anything about silkie genetics and was just curious.
I have crossed the two and they are some of the most bbeautiful birds I have had so far. I have a coop with mixed 3 silkie roosters with only sumatras rooster. I can tell which one is the father in the roosters but not all of the hens. My sumatras rooster is a beautiful large colorful red and his son is too.

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