Silkie swollen neck and head bent backwards


May 6, 2015
Anyone know what is wrong with my chicken?
I've only had her 5 weeks, this morning her neck is swollen and head stargazing, but having trouble breathing as well. She's off balance and falling over a lot, very lethargic.

This is a case of "crooked neck syndrome in chickens" google it to learn some more! The reason to this syndrome is usually a paratyphoid infection( salmonella) you need to give here Antibiotics like Tylan and if you don't eat her eggs and you don't intend to eat her meat you can use Baytril. ( you must know that it is quit difficult to treat!)
good luck!
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Welcome to BYC. Wry neck (star gazing, torticolis, crook neck) can be a symptom of vitamin deficiency in young bird, head injuries, or from certain diseases such as Mareks disease and infectious diseases which affect the brain. Treatment is to give vitamins (Vitamin E, thiamine or B1, and selenium.) A vitamin tonic that contains all 3 is Poultry Nutri-Drench or Poultry Cell vitamins--dosage of either is 1 ml daily by mouth. Here is some info about wry neck:

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