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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Oct 1, 2011
    silver silkie im goin to italy in 2 weeks maybe u can teach me some words [​IMG]
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    So what do you guys think? I am learning this new computer program, I am used to drawing by hand on paper with pencils, so the computer drawing is new to me! This is a half hour doodle I worked on a bit ago trying to work on smoothing and adding detail/texture to my silkie drawings...

    C'mon tell me what I need work on! (I know the feet, LOL I hard forgot about the feet until the last minute and got bored. - I know bad Jessy
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    Aug 3, 2011
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    Good job, Jessy! More feathering on the middle toe! :)
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    Certo, dire ciao a tutte le belle ragazze da me ;-)
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    Impeccabile !
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    Those stips on the head that give the "leopard" pattern is called the chick is helmed
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    Apr 19, 2010
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    Just had the Silkie babies out for photos. Not happy having their pictures taken. They would much prefer to be cuddled. But these photos are a little better than the ones I posted the other day.
    I am confused about their colors. Two eggs were marked "PA" which I thought Karen had told me was paint. I know paint does not breed true, so I have no idea how these will turn out! Pretty sure they won't look paint though. So one of the paints looks black and I may even have the black and paint confused. I was trying hard to keep them all straight as they hatched, making notes, but when they dried they looked different! The egg marked blue/splash I'm sure who hatched out of there, but this baby looks a lot bluer than splash. So may turn out blue, maybe splash on a blue background? Who knows? I guess the fun will be the journey of discovery. I love them all.

    I did email Karen from Catdance to see if she had a moment to respond to a couple of my questions about color. I'm sure she's busy, but we'll see.

    So here they are! I believe this is one from a mystery "PA" egg. Love the attitude!

    This is the other "PA" chick. No idea.

    Here's my blue splash baby (maybe vaulted skull) - who had to work VERY hard to get out of her shell. She's valiant! (and she had just stepped in poo - sorry!)

    Pretty sure this is my vaulted skull black baby

    Definitely the vaulted skull Lavender baby

    And lastly, my beautiful porcelain sweetie. [​IMG]
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    First one looks blue or black. Second is partirdge. You are correct about the vaults. Very nice chicks!!

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