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    Gotta love those partridge
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    Indeed it's kind of as painting a wall, but first you must look what kind of wall it is !

    Basic color genetics in a nutshell !

    Every chicken haven a "ground-color" (= a base pattern), this is one of the 5 possibilities on the E-locus (= were these 5 can be located).
    The ground-color can be "pure" (= homozygous).
    [FONT=Verdana, sans-serif]E/E is called Extended Black, ER/ER is called Birchen, eWh/eWh is called wheaten, eb/eb is called Asiatic Partridge, e+/e+[/FONT] is called Bankiva Partridge.
    (The ground-color can also be "unpure (= heterozygous), I not go deeper on this to not make things complicater as necessary to understand the BASICS).

    This ground-color (the base pattern) is based on gold s+/s+ for males or s+/- for females OR on his mutant Silver S/S for males or S/- for females (this is a sex-linked gene).
    Chickens with a ground-color based on gold have a base pattern consisting out of Black and gold, these based on Silver have a base pattern consiting out of Black and Silver (Silver we see as white)

    This ground color based on gold or Silver can be affected by different other color-genes.

    These other color-genes can be diluters, intensifiers, restrictors, inhibitors. Some of them inhirit in a Dominant way, others in a recessive way, or in an epistatic way, or in an incomplete Dominant way or in a sex-linked way.

    So when you look at your chickens color/pattern always start by the ground-color (1 of the 5 "E"-forms) which is based on gold or Silver and ONLY THAN you look at the color-genes that affect this totality "E & S".

    PS you could see "E & S" is the wall, the other color-genes affecting it are the different paints [​IMG]
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    Silkies are originally not big sized nor bantam sized, they are a size in between.
    The Silkies you have in the US are as the original size (weight between 1,0 Kg and 1,2 Kg).
    In Holland they wanted to create a "bantam" Silkie (weight between 0,5 Kg and 0,6 Kg) so half the size of the original weight.
    But here came in a problem, these bantam became always more bigger over the years breeding so there was almost nomore a difference between the "bantam" and the original !
    So they started to make the original more bigger (weight between 1,6 Kg and 2,0 Kg).
    In this way in EU we became 2 sizes of Silkies, in the US they stayed as the original.
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    Sometimes the expression can go against all basic color genetic rules !

    You have to know there are different kinds of "red".
    There is the gold indicated by the symbol "s+:" which is sex-linked, there is the Autosomale red sometimes indicated by the symbol "Ar", there is the Salmon-red as on the chest of e+ hens or as on the entire body of eWh hens, there are as many different kinds of red as there are different proteins that produce it. So "red" is complicated stuff !!

    This white hen here, leaking red, should be a mix with unpure ground-color eWh/e+ based on s+/- not completely overtaken by the epistatic recessive gene c/c =>resulting in this phenotype.
    Just know this is an exception on the basic color genetic rules !!!
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    Just get all of them now. It will save you from having to make a choice later on [​IMG] [​IMG]
    And welcome to the wonderful world of Silkies!
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    [​IMG] Would you look at the intense glare coming from that cat!! RUN, Silkie, RUN!!!! [​IMG]
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    Got it! Finally. I'm a little slow at times. I am a blonde after all. lol
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    Great example!
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    But noooo, it's eyes say "ti amo" ;-)
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    OH that is wild! Weeeellll then, I'm really excited to see how this one grows out. I'll be taking plenty of pictures of it's stages to see if it turns into a BBS color or if it stays partridge.

    [​IMG] Pretty cat! Or is it "te quiero pollo" yum [​IMG] No really, the cat looks like it wants to cuddle up with the chicken, so funny!

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