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    Apr 18, 2012
    Hi, this is what worked for me, I have a showgirl that was having issues , we figured from a head injury, he/she would put her head between between legs walk backwards and do flip flop as to say.
    I did a combination of a couple things. took a vitamin E capsule 400 I E put a hole in one end and opened chicks beak squeased couple drops on back of tongue , sqiurted rest of capsule on top of chicks grain mixed it in with a toothpick just on the top of grain. took cod liver oil and did a couple of drops of that and also bought vitamin B complex and did couple of drops of that. My showgirl I think was around 6- to 8 weeks old. the showgirl was in with 2 other chicks. the more my showgirl got stressed the more he/she would go into the flip flops. i did this for 2 weeks once a day, the second week I noticed less of the flip flop and walking back wards the 3rd week I stoped the cod liver oil and did the vitamin E every other day for like a week and a half and the vitamin B. So far so good he/she is not having issues at this time. I would say time and recovery would depend on what is going on with the chick and what is causing it. hope it works out for you.
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    Jun 5, 2011
    I never thought of vaseline, i can give it a try. Im debating a good bath with vineger and seeing how that goes then reapplying dust. If i cant get a handle on this i might have to give up my silkies :'( i really dont want that. Anyone else have advise to add??
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    Jun 27, 2011
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    I took some new pictures today.
    Would you guys give me your opinions on these little chicks? They're about a month and two weeks. All positive and negative comments welcome.

    Good feathers for 1,5 months?


    All you beak experts!!
    Does this one look like a hen or a rooster? Or is it too early to tell at 1,5 months?
    I'm afraid it's a rooster? [​IMG]

    I thought this picture was just cute.
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    May 16, 2011
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    The way your described your birds chaotic actions is the exact thing mine is doing. I gave it two drops of poly vitamins for human babies today. It says to give a baby 20 drops so I gave the chick 2. Its has loads of b and e in it. Allong with a few others. Thanks so much.
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    I use Sevin Dust, and honestly I think it works the fastest in this kind of situation! I would not use it with anything else-- like the vaseline, because the powder MUST come in contact with the skin. If it is mixed with something, it will not have the desired effect. Be assured that the mites are not just on his head. Shake the dust under each wing, and flip him over and shake it well into his rear area-- especially around his vent and tail area. Then I fluff them up and shake it down into their backs and lastly, I shake it into my hand and then pinch it and then sprinkle it into their crest while I pull it back the feathers so it really get in contact with the skin. You're going to have to do some serious critical care with him if he is hunched over. This can and will kill him if you don't act quickly. I would separate him and get him into a wire dog kennel or a spot where he can have his own food and water. He will then need electrolytes in his water and a light sprinkle of sugar. Then I would fix him up some hard boiled eggs to egg-- cut them up. And if it were ME-- I'd give him some probiotics that have the plethora of vitamins in it to help boost him and help his digestion. I use a powder and top dress it over their crumbles. You can also put it in the water... but since you'll be putting in electrolytes, I'd top dress it instead. You don't need that water infused with too much stuff. This is the probiotic I use, I bought it at TSC. You're going to need to baby him and make sure he eats.

    This has Vitamins: A, D, E, B12, B6, C, Niacin among a few others. Good stuff.

    Wanted to add--- buy the LARGE bag of Sevin Dust. Clean out their bedding, and sprinkle everything in the coop with the Seven. Sprinkle down the nest boxes really well. It only takes a few minutes to kill the mites. The Sevin Dust works for 3 days... and that's IT. You'll need to re-apply if you see anything. I would re-apply in a week even if you don't. You don't have to be heavy handed with this stuff in the bedding-- just scoop it up and fling it out well or shake it out. It doesn't need to be in big piles-- just a nice dusting.
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    Apr 18, 2012
    your welcome hope it goes well, the baby vitamins should work, just continue with that and see how it goes, give it time. good luck to you and your chick.
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    Don't do that with the vaseline. I'm posting a picture I snagged off the net of what the bag looks like:

    You NEED to have a product with "Carbaryl" in it. Sevin is basically 95% talcum powder-- very safe and the rest is the active ingredient which is carbaryl-- that is what is going to kill your mites. This kills them pretty fast-- within a few minutes they should all be gone.
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    Here is what I do for mites... I use that sevin dust... I clean the coop of everything, THROW the sevin in by the cup full, put on a respirator mask, take my leaf blower and blow it in the coop real well. THERE IS NOT A CRACK OR CREVICE THOSE SUCKERS CAN HIDE IN!
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    Question about blue v. splash .... if they are "grey" with dark spots, is this just like a "dirty" blue (bad quality? - one copy of the Bl gene) as opposed to white with dark bits which I assume is true splash and carrying two copies of the Bl gene?

    What, exactly, is a "Blue Silkie" supposed to look like?
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    May 4, 2010
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    You should put this one it that chick contest on here.

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