Silkie way too chill?

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    My 4 week silkie is seriously the most chill creature on this earth.. I'm worried now she's too chill, whenever I check on her in the brooder she's laying down sleeping, when I take her out to hang out she just lays wherever I put her, I've had her out for 1.5 hours and she just hangs out looking around/sleeping.. when we go outside she loves to free range and is active, but when I take any of my others out they won't stay still!
    Is this a normal thing or am I just lucky?? I think I need to get more silkies again if their all like this. I got her almost 2 weeks ago and she's always been this chill it doesn't seem normal

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    That's not normal for a normal silkie. Some can have brain injuries, especially if they have a vaulted skull, and some can have an opening in the skull. I had 6 once, 5 were normal frisky birds, one was slower and eventually needed help because the others would peck her for acting odd.

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