Silkie with large fowl

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  1. William1hens

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    Dec 14, 2014
    I have a flock of black sex link hens and two roosters(they never fight because they were raised together and were the only two in the brood).Anyway, I'm going to buy some light Sussex and Rhode Island red hens next week and I want to get one silkie(mainly to hatch chicks and to be a pet.Im wondering can I keep her with the large fowl and will the Roo's hurt or kill her when trying to mate.

  2. Dry Creek Ranch

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    Nov 20, 2014
    Missouri USA
    I raise Black Copper Marans and Silkies together but they free range. The silkies tend to stick together (roosters and hens) and anytime I have seen a BCM try to mate with a silkie hen he is promptly beat up by the silkie roosters. The BCM roosters I have seen do this are always young ones just starting to figure out what they are doing. I have never seen an older BCM rooster show any interest in the silkie hens.
    I would recommend that you get at least 2 silkie hens that way they have each other. My silkies sleep together on the floor of one of the coops. I have never seen them use the roosts even though they are only 18" off the floor and no other chickens sleep in that coop. They are very human friendly chickens but mine are aggressive to any chickens or turkeys that come near their coop. They do not go more than 100' from their coop even though the pen gate is open from dawn to dusk. They are super broody. They will try to hatch a golf ball if they find one. :)

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