Silkie with swollen head and blind

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    Apr 7, 2008
    I noticed a few days ago one of my silkie hens standing off by herself. The top front part of her head was swollen and she was extremely thin. I isolated her thinking it was an infection from an injury. However, now I'm thinking it might be something worse. She acted like she could not see, so I shined a light in her eyes the pupil didn't constrict. I cannot find any injury to her head at all. There is no nasal or eye discharge.

    The hen is from a 2007 hatch so she is 4-5 years old. She is listless and can't keep her balance. However, she is very thin and since she can't see I doubt she was eating/drinking which made her weak. I put food and water in front on her and got her to eat a little and drink some.

    I'll be surprised if she makes it until the morning. Although I did get her to drink she has a dehydrated odor to her - I know that seems weird but that is the best way I can describe it.

    Any clue what could of caused this swelling and blindness?

    The first pic is of the front of her face; the second pic is after I cut back some of the feathers to try to find out if she was injuried. BTW she does not have a vaulted skull - that is all swelling.
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    steroids reduce swelling, so if you have anything on hand, I'd give it to her now. (like prednisone) If not, get to the vet asap in the morning to get it for her. SO sorry! There must be some kind of infection going on to produce that kind of swelling.
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    May 23, 2011
    I'd get her to a vet asap!
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    I'm sorry, I'm at a loss for advice for her. How is she doing this morning?

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