Silkie with weeping eye

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    Feb 7, 2013
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    I hatched this chick out for my friend couple months ago. It's now 5 months old and shortly after it hatched she had a weepy eye and dirt/feathers would get get stuck to it. I washed it out with saline and applied poly-trim eye drops twice a day. When she was about 1 month old she was better. I went over to my friends farm yesterday and her eye is weepy again! Same eye, other eye is perfect, no nasal discharge, acting fine and eating/drinking normally. We applied warm compresses and trimmed feathers and pulled the discharge off. I told her to lavage with saline at least once a day. Does anyone with experience know what cause this? My first though was entropian like dogs get.. But her eyelids seem normal. Besides saline and antiobiotic drops I was hoping if anyone had any other suggestions. Thanks!!

    After trim and cleaning
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    If she has no other symptoms, it may just be a case of keeping the feathers around the eye trimmed. I had a 32 year old horse who's eye used to blow up like a tennis ball whenever it was dry and dusty, I just made up saline and irrigated. It would always come good. RIP Posh Josh[​IMG]

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