Silkies Acting Strange? (Plus a story)

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    After my last chicken, Philomena, died in June, I was pretty torn apart. She was my distracting from all the chaos in my life. A raccoon was SOMEHOW able to get in her coop and ate her. Sometime in August before school started, my family and I were driving on the back roads to get home from the movies, we saw a sign that said "Silkie Chicks- 5$", so we pulled into the drive way and bought four adorable chicks. The man we bought them from didn't know their sex, so we ran into some bad luck a few weeks ago when I realized 3 of the were boys. They started crowing about a month ago, and they looked completely different than the (hopefully) girl. //end story
    They still haven't warmed up to me after 5 months, while my first chick and I clicked practically instantly. I mean- I understand all chickens are different, but come on... five months and they still avoid me? This morning, I noticed they hadn't eaten any of the oatmeal my mom makes for them every day to try to keep them warm. They have the pellets and water, and those both seem unconsumed, too. When I was about the leave, one of the brother started pecking another boy's head. I stopped him, but I'm still concerned. Another thing is that even though I have their front door open, they don't go outside. It is starting to get colder, but it was perfect this morning. They haven't been outside their coop in about a week, and just stand in the door way. I don't know if this is something simple and trivial or what. I'm still new to taking care of animals other than cats or dogs.
    I'm really scared. I don't want to mess up and have my babies died because I was incompetent.
    Thank you for reading!

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