Silkies crowing at 14 weeks?!

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Jun 22, 2009
My suspected Silkie roosters are starting to crow already! They are only 14 weeks old!
I thought I had a lot more time than 14 weeks with them. I have to get rid of the Silkie roosters so I'm really sad. I have to give them away next week. My parents said they saw all of the suspected roos crow this morning. Four of them.

14 weeks.. I always thought they didn't start crowing until sometimes 5 months! or 8 months! They are like 3 months! Is that abnormal or did anyone else have a batch of Silkies that matured early? I'm just not ready to give them up.

Also, does early crowing mean early egg laying? I've heard it takes 5 or 8 months before a Silkie will lay.
Sometimes they do start crowing early.... but did they SEE or HEAR them crow? Sometimes birds will clear their throats if they eat to fast at feed time and it looks like a crow kind of.
Our two silkie roos didn't start crowing until they were almost 5 months, so I would sure say yours were early! I'm sorry you have to give them away. We went through the same thing and it was hard for us, too. I hope you find them a happy home where they can crow their little hearts out!
My blue Cochin crowed for the first time this morning at 22 weeks. Cochins are known for being slower to mature.

My roo had a couple of weak attempts and then he just went off regularly for about 2 hours.

My bantam cochin started crowing at 9 weeks. I was told they were really early to mature....? lol What's with my roosters crowing early?!

I saw them crow myself.
I didn't want to but I saw it. And now they were just fighting really bad. I couldn't bare to watch so I had to try to pull them apart and they let me hold them in my arms until they settled down. It was only for like 10 minutes when the three were fighting so bad and now they don't fight anymore so maybe they made the pecking order right there? I don't know.

They have an awesome home to go to. It's the person I got them from as eggs.
She agreed to take them back. Which is always an awesome ending.

I want to know if this will mean my hens will be early to mature too? Or is that a really stupid question....

sunshinesilkies that's about the same time mine started. They were born June 26th/27th.

Thank you 4chickns.
It's fine I have to give them away, I always knew I did. Actually my parents said no roosters at all! But they are letting me keep my baby boy.
So it's all good. They are going to a home that is just a few miles from my house so I can visit them if I want. They're going to the place I got them from as eggs which I mentioned above. I'm so happy they agreed to take the roosters. Now they can live happily with their parents!
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Not a stupid question.... but considering the complexity of egg manufacturing vs. crowing.... I don't think it will have much if any bearing on your hens.
Sorry your little guys are roos.... but that's wonderful that you have a place to take them

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