silkies dying HELP


Jul 10, 2016
So about 2 months ago we got a golden lace Wyandotte and 5 silkie chicks. We are new to backyard chickens, but the babies were all doing fine. After about 3 weeks, we lost two of the silkies without any symptoms, or indications of illness. We assumed that our bigger girl might have stepped on them with her gigantic feet since she was so much bigger, and we separated them. Then 2 weeks ago we moved the remaining 3 babies and the Wyandotte out to the coop and their own yard out side. They all got along fabulously, playing and cuddling together, and the silkies had all gotten fat and happy. Last week the babies were all fine, and after running a couple of errands, my husband came home and found one of the babies dead. We weren't sure what happened. There were no signs, poop looked normal according to the poop chart. No indications of worms or parasites that we could find. The remaining three girls were fine, greeting us every day, snuggling together. This morning my daughter just called me to inform me that yet another silkie passed. We are now down to the Wyandotte and our last baby. We are very sad and devastated. Is there something we are doing wrong?
Now the Wyandotte hen has started attacking the last silkie. I watched as her neck feathers would fluff up as she ran and dove for the last baby, who was crying and running, and managed to squeeze through the fence to escape! They were just cuddling the day before! They've been together for weeks with no problems! Pecking order was established long ago, or do I thought! Because we fear for the last baby, we separated them. Baby is fine, but Goldie still seems aggressive, and agitated, wearing a path at the edge of the coop. My husband said that the silkie that died appeared to be trampled. Could the hen who was so protective of them a few days ago, suddenly turn?

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