Silkie's first egg - prolapse and egg bound


Jun 9, 2020
My 5 month old silkie pullet laid her first egg. Unfortunately its full size and looks (according to my research) like a prolapsed vent as well as egg bound. The egg is stuck. I tried soaking her in a bath for about 30 min. I tried pushing it out but couldn't find an opening. I tried pushing it gently back in but stopped when I felt resistance. I let her chill in a cover box for a couple of hours while we dealt with getting the generator running. PGE shut off the power to my area.

A couple of veterans (not nearby) said to rub veg oil on the exposed area. When I did that I noticed she had pooped several times in the box. Im worried about her getting cold too because she is still damp from the bath. I was worried about using the blow dryer on the prolapsed area, worried it might make things worse.

Any ideas?


Aug 18, 2019
oh the poor girl, wish you all the best with her! I'm not experienced with that sort of thing but hopefully someone on here can chime in and offer advice.


Mar 7, 2018
Lake elsinore California
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pics would be a good start if you can <3

also get some epson salt, make a warm bath and put 1 cup of salts to 4 gallons of water etc.
keep her in the water for a few hours. if the water is too hot it can hurt her, if its too cold she wont sit in it. hold her in there a few hours, and do this a few times a day till she passes the egg. also coat the egg with vasiline or oil to lubricate it. it can help her pass the egg.

I share this video with everyone as it is the best one i have found.


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