Silkies for Sale - Last Call (Dracut, MA)


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May 29, 2013
Dracut, MA
I have a buff mixed colored cockerel and two white cockerels available for $15 each. Possible pullet that is the same age as the white cockerels is available for $30. No guarantees. Must be purchased with a boy. I will be eventually re-homing my white rooster. He is an excellent protector of the flock, and very good to the hens and chicks. These are all gorgeous birds. If I had the room they would all be staying. Any unsold silkies, with the exception of my adult rooster, will be going to auction on October 19th so if you're interested in any of these birds contact me. You must be able to pick up by Saturday.

I have silkie chicks available that come from breeder quality stock including my own. The chicks that I have hatched this year come from Signal Hollow Silkies, Sassy Silkies, and a private breeder in Texas as well a few from my own flock. If you are interested in any of my silkies or have any questions contact me by e-mail. My flock is NPIP tested. All photos pictured are from my flock.

I recently started a Facebook page to keep people informed of what I have for sale as well as upcoming hatches and that sort of thing. It's a work in progress but here is the link I have included photos of the parents of the white chicks that I have for sale. You can see them in my album labeled The Adults.
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