Silkies....incredibly skittish.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Erin80, May 30, 2017.

  1. Erin80

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    Apr 16, 2017
    We have three 2 week old silkies. They are PETRIFIED of us. No amount of handling or leaving them alone is helping. As soon as we walk in the room, they all huddle and jump over one another in a corner of the brooder trying to get as far away from us as possible. Every time I go to change their water or food I swear one of them is going to have a heart attack. Our BR's were never this terrified!! Is this just a silkie thing? Anything we can do make it better??!
  2. lastco

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    Apr 4, 2017
    They're a pretty friendly breed, but some are more skittish than others. Juveniles are nuts. I've had a few silkies that were very nervous babies, but mellowed out as they grew. I've also had friendly babies that don't care much for me now! Treats will be your best weapon. Make sure they have grit, if you feed them anything other than starter. I have the best luck with mealworms. Not too much, just enough for them to associate you with the best yummy things to eat.
  3. Mace Gill

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    May 26, 2017
    New Jersey
    I don't know about silkies, but I think they are a little more skittish than others.

    Just guessing ... try leaving a radio on in the room ... a soothing talk station, or classical station where the DJ has a soothing voice.

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