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    I know nothing about silkies, but I have a silkie and a showgirl cockerel. Actually they belong to my 7 yr old son. He want to get a few more and I would like to get some hens for laying and breeding. The silkie boy is white and the showgirl, blueish grey (not sure what it would be called). Now for the questions, they have been together for a while and seem to get along, I would like to keep them that way and keep all of my sons birds together. If I put silkie girls in with them, will I get silkies and showgirls. I thought I had read that they would throw both. Like if the showgirl and a silkie hen bred, I could get either, or would it be a mutt. The whole thing is a little confusing to me and I want to understand it before I go there, b/c I am trying my hardest to keep my breeds as pure as I can. Also, what colors would you recommend, b/c once again, I don't know how the genetics of silkies work. Thanks in advance!

    ETA: wanted to clarify that currently I have two boys, I didn't make that really clear.
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    Okay after re-reading I understand what your saying. If they were raised together, they will get along fine. However, when they are typical excitable roos, and are in with girls, there could start to be fighting as one will try to dominate the other for the girls attention.

    Doesnt really matter what color silkies you keep with the boys, if you are not planning on showing or anything. Seeing you have white and what I presume is a blue, I would stick with whites and blues, but thats just me.

    Oh yes, you will probably get both, silkie and showgirl babies.
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    if u r not showing, colors do not matter but from ur post it sounds like u have white and splash colors. if u want colors seperated then put white with white and another pen blue/black/splash, those 3 can go together and still throw pure colors.

    if the showgirl roo is bow tied(feater tuft on the neck) u will get 50/50 silkies and showgirls(those will have the tuft also). if ur showgirl is total bare neck if i remember right,lol u get 100% showgirls w/ bare necks they will not have the tuft and u will not hatch silkies. it has been awhile since i have had to write that so i hope i wrote that right.

    i seperate my colors if u'd like to see a bunch of showgirl pics from hatch to adult please look at my webside i have several colors of them.

    showgirls r a new breed not a mutt. [​IMG]
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    f ur showgirl is total bare neck if i remember right,lol u get 100% showgirls w/ bare necks they will not have the tuft and u will not hatch silkies.

    Everything was correct except that.

    If he has a totally bare neck, yes all his offspring will be showgirls; however they will have the bowtie if he is bred to a silkie.

    If bred to a bowtied showgirl. half will have bowties and half will be completely bare necked.

    If bred to a bare necked showgirl all the offspring will have bare necks.

    The bluish grey could be blue, splash or lavender--if the head, hackles and saddle are darker it is blue, but it could also carry lavender genes. If there are dark blue irregular splashes on the body, it is splash. Once again, it can also be lavender. If there are no splashes, and the entire body is a uniform colour, it is lavender.​
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    Ok, so colors don't matter, but whites and blues would probably be best. Gotcha.

    If they start fighting, I will separate. Check. And I have been noticing a little banter lately between the two, so it may have to happen.
    If I put in silkie girls and both roos do some business I should come out with some silkie babies from the silkie and some bowtied showgirls from the showgirl. Awesome.

    Ya'll are so great. That is perfect. Now I have to look at what a bowtied showgirl looks like.[​IMG]
    I'm learning though.

    ETA: My showgirl, I think he is blue. It's not the best pic, but it's the only one I have in photobucket handy.

    The silkie! I think he is gorgeous.
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