Silkies just are NOT growing!

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  1. Hi all,

    So ages ago 4 silkies joined the flock, 2 soon got taken by snakes which then left Topaz and Nemo. Which you have probably heard of... They are kept separate to the main flock and the breeders...

    So they were raised with some of my own hatchlings, the silkies were probably 2 weeks older than them though.The birds have completely outgrown them, and they are younger....its not that they are big birds....

    The ducks have also completely outgrown the silkies and they were around the same age. The silkies have been here for long enough to have time to grow, and i realize they are small breeds in general, but not this small! They are probably just bigger than a coke can in height...

    I dont understand! They have free ranging times, and everything...though they do get into the layer feed...surely that cant stunt their growth? I've seen pictures of silkies roughly the same age as mine, and they are much bigger than them!

    I've given them time to grow, but now im worrying...Nemo hasn't crowed, mated, or done anything male like, Topaz hasn't layed any eggs, which i know takes time but still! The cockerel that grew up with Nemo started crowing a while ago, and is already mating. Hes actually mated with Topaz....

    So what are your thoughts? Late bloomers? Its like they have reached a certain point, and then just stopped growing, and they have been like that for some time now...



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    Nov 7, 2012
    From a quick google search, Silkies average 2# female, and 2.5# male, fully grown. That's very small! I believe they are also slow to reach sexual maturity. And if you have an other roo, even if not housed with a Silkie roo (or any other cockrel) that may intimidate the younger bird from crowing.

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