Silkies Love a Haircut!!!!


12 Years
Mar 3, 2007
4 hours from Sydney Australia
Do you tire from watching your beloved silkies bump into trees and other objects, well if so you may wish to do them a huge favour and trim their pompoms.Yes silkies love a haircut!!!!

This is how I do it, other silky lovers may also want to add their methods, I believe wildsky is a hairdresser by trade and she may have instrucions for a fancy DO.

Just get someone you trust to be able to get a good hold on them and have the silky sitting in their lap,
then throw an old sheet over the person holding the silky to use as a smock, they will need it:barnie
Get them to hold her head still with their arm steadying the bird's back.tell them to stroke the bird to settle it.

When the bird is relaxed and no longer squirming, grab the scissors, just use small size craft ones, not long dressmakers scissors. Gently Grab a small section of feathers on the back of her head with one hand to steady yourself with your scissors in the other hand.
Then trim the feathers around the top of the eyes.
A mohawk is nice and often favoured by the silky.!!

You may find that as soon as you have clipped one side of her fringe that she will begin to awaken as if she is seeing for the first time.
time to hold on tight!! Then do the other side.
Then put her down to run away excitedly telling all her friends!!!

Then take the sheet off from whoever had the holding job and GENTLY shake the fluff off, there will be enough for a tiny pillow!
The first haircut takes the longest but after you have done the whole flock you will be expert!!!
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