Silkies not acting broody...


Apr 12, 2019
I have two silkies that I got last weekend and they came with a rooster.I am hopeful they go broody,they was broody where they came from.They have five eggs in the nest box the first one has been there for bout five days or so.Im hoping one of the hens goes question is,why aren’t the hens going broody?is it because of a new environment or not enough eggs in the nesting box?how long should I leave the eggs out there before throwing them out?
Sometimes birds dont go broody after going to a new home. Some jusy dont get brrody no matter their breed. I had dilkies for years and never once did they even seem to realize that they could sit on their eggs
It can help if you write the date on each egg the day it is laid. A pencil works well.
Eggs hatch best if they are a week old or less when the hen starts sitting on them.

You could put fake eggs in the nest, and keep the real eggs on the counter in the house. If a hen goes broody, you can put them in the nest for her to hatch. And if any particular egg gets to be a week old, it's still fine to eat it. (I don't know exactly how long eggs stay good on the counter, but it is definitely more than one week after being laid.)

If you want eggs to hatch, it's best to keep them out of the refrigerator ;)
Well I have decided to take the eggs and incubate them and letting my hens chill and get use to their new environment before I let them sit.I am hoping and praying they eventually go broody again...

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