Silkies really do make GREAT parents! WOW!!!

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  1. We bought a few show Silkies some weeks ago (black in color) and have settled so far on keeping one male and one female. Both are only 5 months old, but they can be easily mistaken for adults. Very large and seemingly mature. The female isn't laying yet, however.

    We bought two 2 and 1/2 month old babies a few days ago from the same breeder who may have potential for being good exhibition birds and breeders. One is a dark blue and the other is white. The Silkies are going to be living together when we go on vacation, so I decided they should meet. I prepared for the worst, knowing that chickens don't take stangers indruding in on their home well. We've had a few issues with this in our other flock. But after throwing the two groups at each other, I was surprised! The rooster went over to investigate and the hen was not far behind. Then the hen went up to the chicks and plopped down next to them! The rooster took one look at them and took his normal position guarding the hen, as well as the chicks. I know Silkie hens are supposed to make great moms, but I am now sure my cockerel is going to make a great daddy.

    No new to's like chicken harmony! [​IMG]
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    That is great to hear. I have always read that the silkies are good parents but now I believe it. Thank you sharing that wonderful info. [​IMG]
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    I have a Silkie that raises a clutch every year, and she is fantastic! Only trouble I've come across is her long, soft bum feathers have literally STRANGLED chicks! I've unwrapped three little Seramas from her deadly clutches, but a forth wasn't so lucky. I've asked around, and nobody has ever heard of this problem, but it might be something to be aware of. My hen is now well-trimmed, and she continues to be a great mom!
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