Silkies -"rescued". filthy, missing/bloody toes/claws, one wheezing


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6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I paid $20 for 5 "Silkies" today (although I believe That a fee are half breeds;-) the person I got them from claims they are just under a year old and they were all hatched at the same time. She also claimed that tHere are at least 3 girls . I also do not believe that.... anyway one of them wheezes, a few of them had so much try hard and poop on their feet and vent feather area then I literally had to work magic to get the clumps of so they can comfortably walk. This person supposedly breeds these things? How to people live with themselves? Just trust me when I say it was clear that these things Were neglected. anyway, I have them separated from my other nine chickens but I don't know if the one that is wheezing is sick or not. None of them really make much noise except for the little tiny female. She does not look like a mix of anything she is definitely full blown silky. I don't know how or why their toes look the way they look but several of the toes on almost all of these little guys are stubs or a claw is gone and the bottom of the child is bleeding. One of the chickens had blood mixed with the Goop dried up on the tail vent feathers. guess my question is how do I know if this wHeezing chicken is sick enough to make the rest of them sick? and because they're in the shape of their end I'm concerned that there might be some serious health issues. I don't know how these little chickens are so calm and docile but they could care less if they're picked up and they do not run scared like my other nine do. I'm not used to that behavior but from what I hear maybe that's what people like about silkies. Sorry if I'm not getting the point...and sorry for the crappy pictures. But they're better than none. I'm wondering if all of the other ones are boys and they're all wearing out The little tiny girl? please do not judge the condition of my Pen in the barn or the outdoor area. We had so much rain lately. Our chicken tractor is almost complete
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