Silkies sharing pen with Red Sexlinks?


12 Years
Oct 1, 2011
I might be getting some silkie chicks, and after the brooder period, the space I have for them is an enclosed barn stall that is housing 5 red sexlink pullets. Will they get along? The poor sexlinks have been debeaked (which I didn't do, I'm compelled to add), so I'm thinking there won't be any pecking per se. Will they harass each other or cause problems of some sort? The other housing choice is a pen in the shop that shares a wire divider with quail.

Which would be a better plan?

And, if one of the silkies is a rooster, then what? I know nada about roosters. Same pen as the others?
Silkies are generally layed back and usually lower on the pecking order. My RSL get along well with all of my flock. I only raise RSL with RSL in a large 12x20 coop and they free range every day. I do not like seeing beaked Chickens its a sad sight. Im sorry that they are but it sounds like they have a great home now! If you get a silkie rooster they will figure out the pecking order. Its natures way of the "Top Dog"

My Silkies share a coop with all of my large fowl (including my red sexlinks).

The Silkies are definitely the lowest on the totem pole, but they never get picked on; they just are not the aggressive ones at the feed bowl.

I keep my Silkie rooster with them as well. He does breed with all the other hens, too; and he gets along with my other roosters (just stays out of their way and does his own thing).

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