Silkies sharing pen with Red Sexlinks?


10 Years
Oct 1, 2011
I might be getting some silkie chicks, and after the brooder period, the space I have for them is an enclosed barn stall that is housing 5 red sexlink pullets. Will they get along? The poor sexlinks have been debeaked (which I didn't do, I'm compelled to add), so I'm thinking there won't be any pecking per se. Will they harass each other or cause problems of some sort? The other housing choice is a pen in the shop that shares a wire divider with quail.

Which would be a better plan?

And, if one of the silkies is a rooster, then what? I know nada about roosters. Same pen as the others?


Orpingtons Are Us
9 Years
Dec 1, 2010
Owasso, Oklahoma
Silkies are generally layed back and usually lower on the pecking order. My RSL get along well with all of my flock. I only raise RSL with RSL in a large 12x20 coop and they free range every day. I do not like seeing beaked Chickens its a sad sight. Im sorry that they are but it sounds like they have a great home now! If you get a silkie rooster they will figure out the pecking order. Its natures way of the "Top Dog"



Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
My Silkies share a coop with all of my large fowl (including my red sexlinks).

The Silkies are definitely the lowest on the totem pole, but they never get picked on; they just are not the aggressive ones at the feed bowl.

I keep my Silkie rooster with them as well. He does breed with all the other hens, too; and he gets along with my other roosters (just stays out of their way and does his own thing).

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