Silkies with Possible Problem

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    Dec 28, 2016
    I have raised three white silkies from chicks. Now they are grown, laying, and seem healthy. Two, however, have had runny poo for a couple months or so. I'm not talking about brown runny caecal poo, it's clear with green/brown chunks in it. They have been fed layer pellets and scratch grains since they were 5 months and they are 9.5 months old now. I have recently added feather fixer to their diet as one of my other silkies is molting and because it is winter. I do not know what could be causing this. One of the hens has normal poop, but the other hen and the rooster have clear, runny, chunky, green poo. Any help?
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    You may want to take in several fresh droppings to your vet and get a fecal test for coccidiosis and worms. They can also do a gram stain on them for bacteria. Many feeds now contain probiotics, but if your does not, I would add some plain yogurt or probiotics in their diet.

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