Silkies with swollen eyes


10 Years
Jun 9, 2013

I found these two in the run today and they look awful. They are eating and drinking ok and the rest of the flock seems ok. They are young about 6 months old. Any help is appreciated.
Not sure about scabs. Having a hard time finding their eye at this point. I did gently wash with vetericyl eye wash and then put vetericyl gel on them. I have about 50 hens and these are the only two that have this. The swelling is firm but movable which leads me to believe there is probably an infection under there. I don't want to push or probe to much just yet. I did add some electrolytes to their water today just in case.
I'm guessing in that picture the face is swollen around the eye, and there is drainage? If so, that would probably be sinus welling from a respiratory disease--MG, coryza, or one of the others. Antibiotics such as Tylan 50 or powder, Gallimycin, Druamycin, or Terramycin, sould help. Here is a list of diseases (look at fowl pox also in case of scabs):
Thank you all for your words of support. They look a little better today. One more so than the other. While cleaning them up this morning, I noticed one sounds raspy so maybe colds/ respiratory distress?? Both now have fair to good drainage from their swelling at the eye. I put some wet hot compresses on for a bit while trying to get their feathers unstuck. They must have had draining through the night because their necks have hard goo on them now. Both are eating and drinking from their bowls in the infirmary. Not much but something is generally a good sign.

Not sure what else to do at this point. Have put electrolytes in the water which I figure can hurt and gave them both a little vetrx.

Hopefully it won't be spreading through the flock. I did deep clean the coop this morning hopefully fresh litter may help the others. Trying to keep things as natural as possible and realize that this is all a part of chicken keeping. :).
You could clean it and add some triple antibiotic on the eye (not pain one but can't remember why) it couldn't hurt. Draining means that the infection is trying to come out so in sense it is a good thing. Your sinus and eye are almost on top of each other so it would make sense that it could be draining inside as well because of the pressure of the swelling. All you can do is watch closely and try to help where you can. Good luck and keep us updated.
I agree with going natural during normal times, but I think you need some antibiotics since they are showing more respiratory symptoms. Some diseases are viruses, but antibiotics can help prevent secondary infections like pneumonia or air saculitis. E.coli can also get out of hand and cause extreme illness and death. Many of the respiratory diseases are chronic and after they recover, come back in periods of stress.
I think all I have in my kit is tetracycline but will have to look to be sure.
I am not opposed to using antibiotics just wanted to be sure first. I have been my own worst enemy with multiple infections and antibiotics so I tend to be a bit cautious.
Thanks again for all the support!! Suggestions are always welcome
I will check them. The only thing I have really noticed is their feathers around their neck and under wings are tough from what appears to be oozing from their eyes. Primarily where they stick their head when they are sleeping.
They are troopers though. Still eating and drinking pretty well and their poo seems ok to all things considered. It was also suggested to maybe bathe them. Will see how things are in the morning. They are tolerating me cleaning around their eyes pretty well and there is still quite a bit of oozing. I would really like to get their feathers unstuck off their face.

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