Nov 23, 2015
I order some silkies chick from idea hatchery. And im trying to find some more info on better caring for them and where do they like to lay there egg. Try google but wasn't very help so thought would ask someone that has rasing them and that can giving me some help tip. Thank
Welcome to BYC. This is a great site to find lots of answers about raising chickens including silkies. We started with silkies as well. They are great to start with as they are generally very calm. The problem with Silkies is that they are hard to sex early so of you cannot have roosters you may want to figure out a plan for any roosters you get. Look around and feel free to ask questions. We are here to help.

Sikies are just adorable. But as a chick i have heard some cases called "wiry neck" this is when the neck looks weird. Also because of their fluffy heads they can also get concusion. I have never had and silkies myself but i will get there in the end. Enjoys your chick

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