Silky with gunky eyes- please help!

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    Hello all.

    I am a first time chicken owner, and my (4) babies are around a month old. Only one (thank god) is sick. The following are the symptoms, which started yesterday.

    • Her eyes seem gummy, though there is no visible discharge. She will open one, or the other, and sometimes both, but only a slit. The actual eyes, when I can see them, look intact.
    • She is making a sort of "snotty" sound frequently (but not constantly, mostly when she eats, or is peeping up a storm) when she breathes, much like a person with nasal congestion might. Again, no drainage from the nose, and she is breathing with her beak closed, in no apparent respiratory distress. I think I may have heard a couple of little sneezes though.
    • She is eating and drinking as well as ever, no signs of lethargy, or weakness at all. She seems to be pooping as much as normal, and the same consistency. She seems no worse than at the onset of symptoms yesterday.

    I was so worried at work today, I was prepared to come home to the worst, but she actually seems completely fine, other than what appears to be a cold. I have isolated her from the other girls. What else could/should I do? Should I be worried she may die? I am a nurse, so I am much better at assessing people than critters. I'm just really sad she is sick, so any help at all would be appreciated.

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