Silky with runny nose, odd issue?


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We have one splash bantam silky hen in with a black (possible very dark blue) silky bantam hen and a splash maran roo. They are in the quarantine pen as they are new. We've already had an issue with her nare seemingly to be clogged. We checked her today and both of her nares were "clogged". We looked closer and it's mucous that has been running out of her nose and drying up, blocking her nare. We peel off the dried of mucous and it just starts running again. We've had her on vitamins and electrolytes and also had Duramycin 10 in the water. We checked the other 2 and they are completely fine, despite being together for a few days now, so I don't think it's contagious, or it has just been treated by the duramycin in the other 2 but not this one.

What are my options for stuff to clear her runny nose?
If they have been confined together they have already been in contact with it and I would treat anyone showing symptoms. If you smell the face is there a very bad smell? Is their any bubbles foaming in the eye? Are there any sinus swelling? The meds you gave don't always help those symptoms. I would get some Tylon 50 or LA 200 and give her an injection under the skin in her neck or give some down her throat aswell as a drop in each nare. Listen to her chest to see if any wheezing develops. Keep her warm and lessen any stress on her. Many respiratory illness are contagious even though some chickens seem immune. As a precaution as with any ill animal - Handle these chickens last and change clothes before handling the well ones as dander and nasel excrement can carry illness.
There are three total- they are living in the laundry room right now. The other two seem fine. Moo got a Tylan 50 shot on Friday, and we are needing to get more.

Hubby says she smells like dirty chicken....she has already gotten two baths since Friday. She shakes her head, sneezes, and when she "talks" is sounds like Moos sometime (hence her name). She is eating and drinking normally. I didn't see any bubbles in her eyes or nose, nor swelling of her sinuses. But, we will take another look just to make sure.

Hubby is getting a close up of her face right now. One of us will post it on here ASAP.
Well the only picture we could get that is semi-decent, is still kinds bad. She is very camera shy with the face it seems...

She didn't seem to be having a runny nose too much when we were taking the picture. No one else shows symptoms at all of it. No blocked nares or runny noses, both of which are the only signs we've seen of anything on her. The eyes were good, no signs of anything wrong. She does seem to be trying to clear her nose out a lot and wipes her beak on the floor. She also holds her beak open as if she can't breath. through her nares. We put a tiny bit of peroxide on her nares to see if it could break anything up that is inside them.

Well I'm not seeing any bad discharge. She may have an allergy to something... ? Sometimes dusty coops or fresh shavings can cause irradiated sinuous like in people. I have used the grape childrens WAL brand cold & flu meds on my chickens before. Seemed to work well, only a few drops in the beak.
Would putting her in a pen with shredded paper work to see if it got better? When the pictyure was taken it wasn't bad. But earlier this morning there was a small stream of discharge going down the side of her beak. It was clear if that has any relevance.

We are probably going to get some Tylon soon just in case.
Update on Moo:

I had her next to my bed last night; she rested comfortably. She did sound like she had some trouble breathing. I checked her nose this morning, it was a little better but still smelled. She is still separate from the other two, and they show no signs of what Moo has.

I put some blueberry yogurt in her feed this morning. She still has a good appetite and we're trying to find something to put water in (so she can't dump it).

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