silly bird roosting


10 Years
Apr 11, 2009
Halifax, Pennsylvania
Hey everyone...
So I went to tuck the girls into their brand new coop this evening (tonight is the first night in their finished coop- pictures will woon be posted here: ) and as I walked into the barn and looked at their coop (which is painted blue) my first thought was... "wait, the whole ramp isnt white"...keeping in mind it was past dusk and pretty dark in there. So I walk into their mini 'run' and realize "OMG...that's not the ramp! That's my chickens!" the ramp is blue with white steps about every 4 inches, and it was a stripe of white from about 6inches outside the pop door all the way to the bottom because my idiot white leghorns were smart enough to get up onto the ramp, and each of them lined up roosting between the steps all the way to the bottom, but they couldnt muster the brains to take the step over that ledge actually INTO the coop! LOL Silly birds! I about lost it...I only wish I would have had my camera! If they do it again tommorrow, I'll be ready! Although I have to say I thought for sure they would roost in the hay in their run so I was glad to see they at least got up onto the ramp and were actually roosting! Small victories I guess!

Just wanted to share my silly 'first night in the coop' story! Thanks for listening! Now it's storming and I feel so bad! I know they'll be fine but I feel like a Momma sending her kid to school again for the very first time LOL

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