Silly Chicks!


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7 Years
Mar 17, 2012
Warren, TX
I went out to the coop this evening to put my 12 week old chickens up for the night. I have three one week old Ameraucana chicks penned in the corner under a heat lamp. The ramp that goes up to the roost ends right next to the brooder pen. As the older chickens were headed up the ramp to roost, the chicks were all excited, peeping loudly and crowding into the corner next to the bottom of the ramp. They were going nuts leaping in the air and trying to push through the chicken wire. I swear it looked like they were trying to go up the ramp like the big chicks. It's the first time I've seen them act that way. I'll be interested to see if they do the same tomorrow evening at 'bedtime.'
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