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    May 7, 2010
    My coop is built to pretty exacting standards I think. It has rafters, hardware fabric across every opening, and a door I framed with steel connectors.

    Well the wind blew it shut one day (normally I have an old 1gal can of paint that keeps it open just enough during the day).

    I was out on my back porch gearing up to build my wife's grow boxes (another post yet to come), and I heard a hen sing the egg song. It was really loud. I walked over to the coop, opened the door and looked in. Nobody was in the box. I could see the older BR behind the coop next to a wine-dotter, but there was no egg. So I went and sat back down. The wind shut the door again. Next thing I see is this BR craning her neck looking at the laying boxes trying to figure out how to get in. She stood under them, went to the side, all the while looking up like it was a great puzzle. I saw her walk around the coop two or three times (it may seem like I should have gotten up to open the door but it was just too funny). Each time she looked at the laying boxes like, "HOW IN THE WORLD DO I GET UP THERE?!?!?" Bless her heart for her perseverence. Many a lesser hen would have given up and laid an egg on the hard ground.

    All the other hens were running around the yard chasing down the BOSS I'd thrown, or going after the birdseed block. She would start to follow them, and run right back to the coop like 'she really REALLY had to go.'

    Finally when i couldn't stand it anymore and the corners of my mouth were sore from laughing and smiling, I sent my son to open the door to the coop and put the bucket back in place to hold it open.

    In went the hen, and a few minutes later she came out; looking very relieved.

    Funny thing is she never sang the egg song while she was laying or after. She sang it BEFORE.

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    May 11, 2010
    Some hens have high standards!

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