Silly idea? Sell boneless DP cuts; good flavor, customer doesn't know!


9 Years
Aug 27, 2010
Valparaiso, Indiana
I must have too much time on my hands and too little experience to come up with ideas like this. I know people are not familiar with the look of a non-cornish carcass. Maybe selling tasty boneless cuts could be a way around that? Would they still look different?
From what I've seen when I butchered dp roos, there's not enough breast to fillet out and sell. Maybe as strips or tenders? But you'd need a lot of roosters to have enough meat to sell.
There is a good market for DP breeds if you sell them right. They are hands down amazing fried. I prefer them over the CX because the meat cooks all the way through evenly. Because of the larger breast in the CX I always seem to keep the middle pink.

You can throw them on the grill too, as long as they aren't too old. It's definitely a niche market but there are people out there willing to buy them. Go with a heritage breed... they seem to sell better. Even though they don't taste any different in my opinion than any other DP breed.
If one is haveing a problem with the thickness ,therefore pinkness in the middle after cooking, of the THICK Cornish X breast meat ... I would suggest you cut the breast in half leangthwise ( lay flat then cut ) first into two equal halves , then cook. Cooks through fast and Oh so tender.
One can also use a meat tenderizer mallot and pound the breast meat into a 1/4" thick piece, bread it on both sides , cooks it realy fast ( a minute per side) and tender.
Mouth watering good !
Value added cuts of meat.
For marketing ... cut in half ... and/or tenderize and bread it ... package ... ready to cook = $$$ in one's pocket.
Patent pending. Send royalty checks pronto.

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