Silver Duckwing Ameraucana Eggs

this variety is simply referred to as "silver". Pips&peeps on here has some nice silvers.
I saw that pips & peeps sold the silvers, but I thought there was a difference in the silvers and the duckwing.... So there isn't?
There is no silver duckwing "true" Ameraucana. Often EEs will look "silver duckwing" but there is no way to reproduce it with any reliability since EEs are cross bred birds, and there's no way to know what all genes they carry.
Well thank you for the information-I appreciate it. How's spring in Oregon? I was born in Redmond. I so miss the weather. I don't really care for the white stuff we get here in Michigan 5 months out of the year.
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LOL Well, it's been wet...surprise, surprise. Had a couple of late freezes (as recently as a couple weeks ago). But, that's alright! I'll take it any day over what y'all have seen back that way for snow this year!!!

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