Silver lace breeding


8 Years
Dec 2, 2013
90 miles north of Houston TX
I'm a newb to chickens...6 months in. I have four SLW that are about 5 weeks old. I'm hoping to get a roo in the bunch. Since I'm new to this it may sound like a silly question...I got all the chicks at the same time from TSC so are hatchery chicks...if they are "related" is that going to matter. I don't know how inbreeding affects chickens. I don't want to have messed up chicks.
The chances they're closely related is pretty slim. When you consider the sheer quantity of each breed the hatchery hatches out each batch, it's pretty low odds.

Even if they're pretty closely related, you're not necessarily going to have issues. Inbreeding simply enhances any problems or defects already present in the parent stock. Line breeding is basically the same as inbreeding, it's just a more acceptable term. Line breeding in comonly accepted by serious breeders of most animals as the easiest way to lock in desirable traits.

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