Silver Laced Wyandotte Pair

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    May 31, 2011
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    33" x 22.5" - Limited edition signed - $150

    33" x 22.5 ----------------------------------- $100

    25" x 17.5" ---------------------------------- $60

    15" x 11 1/4" ---------------------------------$40

    This is a piece I created to represent the standard of perfection of the silver laced wyandotte. Shown are a mature rooster and hen.The silver laced wyandotte pair print is 30" inches x 22.5" inches. It is printed on high quality german etched paper which is thick, acid free and lasts an average of 108 years without fading. The paper I chose will make it look like the original piece.

    **When shipped the piece of art will be placed in a blue print tube. Shipping rates will depend on location.

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