Silver Leghorn bantam?

funny farmer

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7 Years
May 12, 2012
Aberdeen, Washington

Hi there! I just got this sweet little gal from a coworker who says that it's a Silver Leghorn bantam. However, she looks more brown to me. Is it possible she's a cross? She lays beautiful creamy pale peach eggs. It's not all that important to me, I'm just curious. Any ideas would be appreciated.

She does not have white earlobes so it is not a leghorn. Probably just a pretty little bantam cross hen. She is a beauty.
Yes, she is definately a keeper. She's sweet and shy, and a great little egg layer. I am expecting to get her sister soon. The folks we got her from are having trouble catching I think I'm really going to enjoy these little ladies. So far this one has been a great addition to our flock. Thanks for the info.

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