Silver Phoenix Chick...I think it is in IT! No joke!


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
South Carolina
Ok, I have 3 silver phoenixes. I thought I had a male and two pullets. Seemed pretty obvious. One was slightly slower to develop a tail. They are 5 weeks old and he is just now sprouting what looks like a tail.
However, what has me stumped is out of the two pullets one acts VERY male and fights like a male with my various obvious male and the comb has gotten redder and redder and larger and larger even though it looks just like the pullet...with a tail and all.

Here are some two photos front and back.




You can see my male has a lack of tail and the others have tails.

I'm just rather...befuddled. What is the middle one??? Is it a gender confused pullet? Why is acting like a male and why is the comb so red at 5 weeks if its not and then why does it have a girl tail if it is indeed a boy??
Ahhh. Ok. Thanks. Might make sense then. The two with the red combs have been acting like jerks lately which made me start wondering if the one was becoming a male when I thought I had two pullets to start with

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