Silver-White-Black Breasted Red Dorking Fertile Eggs For Sale-Montana

Dorking Pullet Princess

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11 Years
Oct 27, 2008
Western Montana
Hi by the dozen Dorking Eggs PRE-SALES SPRING 2010 SEASON. Pick A color with shipping priority mail. INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND AN EMAIL ADDRESS & WHAT COLORS OF DORKINGS YOU DESIRE TO HATCH BEGINNING SPRING 2010 PRICE QUOTES BY INDIVIDUAL ONLY. Contact me for more information. Also have lots of young 4 months and older all colors ready, not shipping due to costs pick up please or
call me 406-241-9991
Jeanne From Montana

Black Breasted Red Dorking Rose Combs
Silver Gray Dorking Single Combs
White Dorking Single Combs
Colored Dorkings Single Combs (Very Few Limited Qty)
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Nice to see you are on BYC as well. Can't wait for Emma to get her eggs. BTW your pictures of your birds are gorgeous.

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