Silvis, IL! You're so silly~


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
I never really bothered to look up the laws, because - 1) We're literally RIGHT next to the country, I thought they'd be allowed - 2) I'm moving to a place I know where they're allowed in less than 6 months anyway!

But, alas, boyfriend made me look them up anyways. And, WOW, I'm still laughing at them.

Sec. 18-2. Maintaining livestock or poultry within city.
It shall be unlawful to maintain any cattle, swine, sheep, goats, or poultry within the city limits.
(Code 1976, § 7-2)

Sec. 18-3. Number of animals permitted on premises.
No person shall suffer or permit more than a total of three dogs or cats or horses to be or remain in or about any single-family residence, building or lot, or more than one dog or cat in any single-family apartment building, within the city, under his control at any one time. For the purpose of this section, a dog shall be considered all of the canine family 60 days or more of age.
(Code 1976, § 7-3)

No chickens, but horses? Not only horses, 3 horses max!
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