Since I trimmed their eyes, they have become aggressive with each other.


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May 15, 2008
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I have never kept rooster chickens before. EVER. Anyway, I have to start keeping some cockerels on hand and all three of these kids were hatched and raised together. They started to whither and overall acted like idiots until I trimmed their eyes. Since then not only are they cuter, and eating properly, but now these two cockerels are performing karate on each other.

Does there come a time when one of them simply gives up? Or will this continue on until one is dead? I separated them yesterday and they all acted like they could not live without each other. So I let them together this morning and it took about 10 minutes for them to start at it again. I guess my question is, will they eventually just work it out?

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How old are they? If they're 6 months to a year, they may just be trying to figure out their pecking order. Older than that, and I'd say they're very likely trying to overthrow each other and take the roll of dominant roo. Since they've been mostly blind to this point, they may not have been able to get this out of their system earlier, and they're just making up for lost time, but it's a judgement call. I'd remove them if they cause each other injury, but otherwise I'd let them sort things out.

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