Since when is Scratch more expensive than Layer?

Country Parson

9 Years
Oct 1, 2010
Bellefontaine, OH
I'm not always the most observant regarding prices, but I just noticed my local feed store sells a 50lb grain of scratch for $14++, and a bag of 16% Layer pellets goes for $13++.

I always thought Scratch was supposed to be cheaper.
I use Knockout Game Bird 11 grain feed for my scratch. It's always been more than the layer. $10 for the layer, which just went up from $9.50, $11.50 for the Knockout.

The regular 3 or 5-grain scratch was always about the same price as the layer feed.
Grain prices are going up and up and up
I have decided to try switching from layer crumbles to layer pellets. They seem to waste alot of the crumbles. I purchased a 50# bag this afternoon and scattered a scoop in their run just to see if they would go for it. NO. They checked it out then looked at me as if " I don't think so". How long should I try the pellets before switching back to crumbles. I don't want them going hungry. lol

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