Singing the egg song for no good reason

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  1. I have a crew of three hens and four pullets that are very well integrated by now. Just recently, all four of the pullets started laying, so obviously, the amount of egg songs went up. However... that seems to be the only noise any of the seven hens will make, now. There always seems to be someone singing the egg song, and sometimes another two, three, or six hens will join in. I know many people like the "country" feel of the egg song, and I do too, I'm just afraid the neighbors won't appreciate all the country and I'm started to get annoyed myself, too. Could there be some reason, like stress or boredom, that's making the girls croak all day?

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    Not that I know of.
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    My hens sing the egg song to locate each other. Are your hens allowed to free range? Here recently my hens, who have been laying for about three months, have begun to sing louder and longer to each other.
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    Nope. Mine do it a lot. I have to shut the door sometimes to talk on the phone. I have a box on the front porch that they lay in during the day.They make the egg song when they lay...when someone else lays...when they think about laying....when they lie about laying....
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    X 2 - there are more reasons than just egg laying for that particular vocalization - the term "egg song" is a bit of a misnomer.
  6. No free-ranging for us... too many hawks. Our hens are kept in a run that is about 150 sq.ft. Not sure why, but all seven hens always seem to be squished on 10 sq.ft.

    LOL I hate it when they lie about laying.
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    It is usually my rooster who will sing back first, but them all of my hens will start singing back with him.

  8. Rooster singing the egg song... we really need to change that name.

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