Single Duckling: Suggestions?


Apr 8, 2021
Hey Everyone,

I just inherited a roughly 1-month old duckling whose sibling passed a few weeks ago. I have a backyard flock of 8 with a broody pair of wannabe moms who have been sitting on a nest for 10 days.

I've got the lone duckling set up in my brooder tank, and she seems very healthy and happy there, but I'm worried about her feeling lonely. She's too young to put with my flock, and she'll be too old for the hypothetical ducklings I have on the way. She's kind of caught in the middle.

It's been quite warm here, so I built a 4x3 foot enclosure with cage wire all around so she can be in the backyard with the other ducks during the day (see but no touch). Should I put a stuffed animal in the brooder with her? A mirror? I just don't want her to be lonely in the time it takes for her to finish fledging so I can fold her into the flock where she'll never be alone again.

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