Sinus problem? Or something worse.


5 Years
Jul 25, 2014
My EE has been known to be picked up but now I am concerned. She makes high pitched sneezes and runny nose. She has a slightly raspy tone in her breathing. Sometimes in the morning and night I have had to check on her and found one or both of her eyes stuck closed.A warm compress fixed it immediately but I have noticed scabs on her eyelash area. Now she has red swollen rings around her eyes. We had started deworming our flock after the eye problem and signs of worms. She sometimes "yawns but it just looks like a yawn- not gapeworm (?). Can someone help me diagnose this please.

You may want to get her some antibiotics. I was going to suggest possibly a respiratory infection. I don't know about her eyes though. Are you using anything in the coop? DE? Cleaners? Maybe she is allergic or sensitive to something in her environment.
Update: We put some antibiotics in their water we hope it will help. The eye problem is getting worse and has shown up in our buff minorcas. (She is always angry so understand the red is her angry face in the photo)



We used to use a oder neutralizer but the problems started after we removed the bedding and did not apply it in our new shavings. We suspect thr dirty coop can be a problem so we are cleaning it ASAP. We started putting multi wormer in the food but we didnt put any more before it became this swollen.
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