sinus problems?

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    My little Dutch Bantam roo Er's area between his eyes and earlobes are swollen on both sides of his head and he does have a little discharge (snot?) coming from his nostrils. The swollen areas don't seem to hurt; he let me gently touch them. He seems to be fine other wise -- eating normal, colorwise looks fine, still very active. None of the other chickens have this problem. He's only 8 months old if this helps. Should I worry about him or does he have something more then a "cold"?
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    Hi Cristy17,
    I'm no expert at diagnosing, but I would recommend that you isolate him asap, so it doesn't spread.

    Good luck, I hope someone can help you. Meanwhile, if you check the index in the blue bar above, you will find lots of info under Emergencies, etc.

    Good luck to the little guy!
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